General RLI Questions

What are the Member Districts served by the Rocky Mountain Division?

Districts 5390 Montana, 5400 Parts of Idaho and Oregon, 5420 Utah, 5440 Parts of Northern Colorado and Nebraska, 5470 Part of Colorado, 5520 Part of New Mexico and Texas, 5630 Nebraska, 5680 Kansas, 5710 Kansas, 5750 Oklahoma, 5770 Oklahoma representing Rotary clubs the stated states are the current active districts.

What are the RLI courses?

RLI offers Rotary knowledge courses in three sessions (Parts I, II, and III.) Those completing each course are eligible for the next. There are Graduate courses available to those who have completed the three-part RLI curriculum.  The courses are designed to provide leadership skills while advancing Rotary knowledge and understanding.

  • PART I:
    • My Leadership in Rotary
    • My Rotary World
    • Ethics & Vocational Service
    • Foundation I:  Our Foundation
    • Engaging Members
    • Creating Service Projects
  • PART II:
    • Rotary Opportunities
    • Effective Leadership Strategies
    • Attracting Members
    • Club Communication
    • Team Building
    • Foundation II:  Targeted Service
    • Strategic Planning:  Planning for Success
    • Foundation III:  International Service
    • Public Image
    • Building a Stronger Club
    • Making a Difference

RLI Graduate Courses

For those who become RLI Graduates following successful completion of the three-part curriculum series of RLI Graduate Courses focused on one Rotary subject for the entire day and are comprehensive and detailed. Current Graduate Courses include:

  • Membership
  • The Rotary Foundation
  • Public Speaking

Discussion Leader Training

RLI Graduates, by invitation only, may also take Discussion Leader Training as a precursor to being accepted as a RLI Discussion Leader assisting other Rotarians in their RLI journey. Discussion Leader Training is also offered to non-RLI Graduates such as District Governors want to learn the skills associated with a RLI Discussion Leader that can be used in Club, District, or Zone trainings. Without being an RLI Graduate, the Discussion Leader Training Graduate may not lead RLI sessions.

What are the teaching methods RLI uses?

RLI believes strongly in the facilitation of discussion method of teaching. It has been proven that facilitation of discussion is the most effective way to educate adult learners.  RLI also believes strongly in small class sizes, between 8 and 20 maximum.   15 is ideal. This leads to more effective participation by all attendees.  Our trainers are called facilitators or Discussion Leaders.  Techniques used by our Discussion Leaders include discussion groups, role-playing, problem solving workshops, creating projects, and audiovisual presentations. Everyone participates during the sessions. A student guide workbook, containing the course material is provided to each attendee.

What does a course incorporate and how long are the courses?

The Institute offers a leadership development program in three full day sessions where each course requires approximately seven hours to complete. Courses must be taken in sequence – Part 1, Part 2 and then Part 3. Once you have taken Part 3, you are considered a RLI graduate and entitled to register for the more advanced graduate courses. Our Discussion Leader Training courses are by invitation only. The courses are designed to provide Rotary knowledge and to develop leadership skills for voluntary organizations beyond Rotary.

What else should I know about Registration?

RLI has considerable preparation involved for each class including: text materials, diplomas, and meals must be pre-ordered, and Discussion Leader assignments must be coordinated. Because of these reasons, RLI operates on a pre-registration/pre-payment policy. Walk-in’s are not permitted and Transfers and substitutions are not permitted except under emergency situations. All registrations MUST be received by the Registrar including payment no later than ten (10) days prior to the course date. If this Board Policy is not followed, your registration may not be accepted or may be CANCELLED. We suggest you register early and submit payment with registration. Class walk-in’s are not permitted. Everyone must pre-register and pre-pay. To cancel a registration, contact either the Site Registrar or Rocky Mountain Division Registrar.  All cancellations are processed in accordance with RLI Policies.

What happens when a class is cancelled?

RLI may at times cancel a course if there are not enough pre-registrations or Discussion Leaders available, or other extenuating circumstances . If this should happen, everyone will be notified in time to re-schedule the course. In the event a student should cancel a course, you must do so at least ten days prior to the class you had requested to be entitled to a refund or credit toward another class. Refunds within the 10 day period before a class will be considered on a case by case basis due to materials and meals already being purchased.

What is the cost, and who should attend?

Registration for each course is just $50 (or less). This fee includes breakfast, lunch, course material, and lots of Rotary fellowship; making this a good investment in your club’s future. Also, it is an honor and benefit of membership to your future leaders and tells them the present club leaders have faith in them. We recommend you sponsor someone like your President Nominee, club directors, committee chairs, etc.; however, any active member of your club may attend.

What is the Rotary Leadership Institute?

The Rotary Leadership Institute (RLI) is a multi-district, grassroots leadership development program of member districts organized into regional divisions in various parts of the world. It is not an official program of Rotary International and is not under its control. The RLI seeks to have Rotary Clubs in member districts identify those Rotarians who seem to have the POTENTIAL for future club leadership (not necessarily as club presidents) and provide those so identified with a quality education in Rotary knowledge and leadership skills for voluntary organizations. For more information, please visit is the Rotary Leadership Institute?

What Time Do The Sessions Begin?


When and Where are the next classes, What is available?

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